Virtual Terminal

Vellaris’ Management System offers a number of additional features that allows true control over online payments.

  • No Technical knowledge required

    Once set-up, the use of our system requires no technical knowledge. The simple interface and a support team just a call away will make your experience the easiest imaginable

  • Authorize Transactions in Real-Time

    Using the Single Payments feature, you can accept any Card Not Present transactions, whch will be authorized instantly

  • Mail Order / Telephone Order Solution

    You can now perform transcations with clients over Telephone or Mail all in a sungle hub

  • Access from anywhere

    Secure Log-in and a web-based application allows you to check up on transactions from anywhere in the world

  • Simple implementation

    With Demo systems and developer-level access, implementation will not disrupt your business and can be done in under 24 hours

  • PCI DSS Compliant

    As everything with Vellaris, this terminal is entirely PCI DSS Compliant and highest security standards have been met

  • Manage Recurring Payments and Refunds

    Directly from the system you can initiate refunds, set-up recurring payments and track the data on all your clients and their satisfaction levels

  • Keep your Company Image intact

    You will have the ability to highly customize everything related to your payment page by adding and editting your logo and styles

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