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Why you should choose Vellaris

Payment Gateway

The Vellaris payment gateway will connect your website to your Merchant Account and enable you to accept card payments quickly and easily.

Merchant Account

From application to trading, Vellaris will manage the “plugging in” process for merchants.

Security & Anti-Fraud

As an international Payment Service Provider, Vellaris values the safety and security of merchants very highly.

Additional Features

Our simple Web Application allows merchants to customize and manage their account effectively.

Our specialization

Vellaris provides one integrated, secure and reliable hosted e-commerce payment gateway service for payment processing. For our merchants we offer processing of Visa, MasterCard and other credit/debit cards.

Key to our success is an in-depth understanding of your business model and the development of a unique payment strategy that fits the specific needs and challenges of your online business.

We will work with you to fully understand your business and your target audience to build the best possible solution for you.

Furthermore, Vellaris is one of the few PSPs that has fully moved into a PCI DSS Compliant cloud and can scale up within a matter of hours. We have people monitoring your usage so if there is a surge we can accommodate it with a click of a button and easily service 500 Transactions Per Second.

By becoming our clients, merchants are able to enjoy all of our core services.

Competitive Rates

Core Services

  • Process credit and debit cards through their online stores

  • Avoid internet fraud

  • Monitor browsing habits and trends on their websites

  • Integrate our payment system with their existing software, shopping carts and other systems

  • Manage and customize the Vellaris interface

  • Design their own custom payment page with their logo and custom colours

  • See chargeback behaviour using a well-designed Early Warning System

What people who have worked with us have to say

“Vellaris was able to provide exactly what we were looking for”

“…was easily able to handle high-frequency events and peak volumes”

“Swift and simple integration allowed us to get to work instantly!”

“Vellaris helped us improve traffic and reduce chargeback rates”


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