Welcome to Vellaris

We make payments simpler

Based in London, Vellaris is a leading global payment service provider with techonology that has been on the market and constantly improved over the past decade.
We know precisely what matters for your business and, as such, offer the highest levels of customizability, security and simplicity within our solution.
Why Us?

Vellaris offers a unique payment gateway with a number value added services
to trully help your business move forward


Years experience and development on the European market gave us time to trulyl polish and innovate our solution!


We are the FIRST payment service provider to have cross border transactions with Russia


We can offer over 15 different connections around the worlds, including some of the largest and most trusted acquirers in Russia, Europe and US.

Our Acquiring Partners

Vellaris is the only payment Service Provider who is connected to a number of UK and European banks, as well as the second largest bank in Russia.

Our expanding list of acquiring banks includes


You can also see our technology in action on the following web-sites!